i quit madness animating....

2009-07-03 19:09:06 by andres335

i rly suck at it so i quit.

i quit madness animating....


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2009-07-03 19:42:52

Good. To be honest, we really don't need more Madness tributes and parodies. How 'bout making something original, something with major effort put in? That way, people will probably like it better.

andres335 responds:



2009-07-03 20:43:31

SoulMaster said something awesome.

People don't enjoy madness animations anymore, there are LOTS of them these days.
Make something different, practice, and when you make something good, submit it!

andres335 responds:

yea i guess ur right o:


2009-07-03 20:46:14

You don't have to listen to what those criticizers say! :( You do what you want i'm a real fan of your work and i think you should keep making your madness games!Just to give y6ou a lil push I'll vote 5 on every submission you make so you will know that atleast someone appriciates your work dude! =D I mean atleast you posted something... I don't even have flash or sprites if i did I'd add you to 1 of my posts!

andres335 responds:

wow thx :D


2009-07-03 21:04:25

AND if i keep voting and reviewing my voting power will be great then it'll take lots and lots of blams for people to vote it down always be expecting my fives dude i'll add you to my favorite list! c(= BTW how do you post your content in like that is it ripped by the original madness creator Krinkels? Or...

andres335 responds:

you make it yourself then make it an swf file and submit it O:


2009-07-03 21:20:10

I'm somewhat proud of you; if you ask me, the world is better off without any more Madness tributes.
Good luck on your original cartoons!

andres335 responds:

oh wow uh thx?


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