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2009-07-21 11:59:59 by andres335

i made a tutorial on my old account.

check it out later.when i submit it.

ok making a game

2009-07-20 15:37:35 by andres335

tutorial acually im back to this account idk why thow its awesome thats why jk lol

tutorial is about how to make a linear circle.

new account

2009-07-11 16:12:54 by andres335 m

happy forth of july

2009-07-04 14:43:39 by andres335

you know what that means!streaming shotting all over the place and going outside and making a post every 2 miniutes lol :D im only 11 i cant do crap like that e.e

making a new account:

im making that soon if you click it dont exist i aint make it yet.

coolest ng pics.

2009-07-04 00:15:14 by andres335


coolest ng pics.


2009-07-04 00:01:44 by andres335

granny on some shit o.o

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hot girl wit a gun :D

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funny bird XD

2009-07-03 23:04:31 by andres335

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random post

2009-07-03 22:53:30 by andres335

lol very random post....comment o:

Stupid Episode 1 started

2009-07-03 21:47:06 by andres335

its a new series besides madness :D

Stupid Episode 1 started

i quit madness animating....

2009-07-03 19:09:06 by andres335

i rly suck at it so i quit.

i quit madness animating....